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What Happy Renters Say

Awesome! Super easy questions about me, and somehow they managed to send me cool houses I hadn't found! I leased the 2nd one they sent and now have a backyard for my bulldog! Thank you!
Evan D, Renter
LOVE THIS! Was nothing like the painful search I'm used to! I was done in less than a week (now what will I do with all of my time lol) !
Sarah M, Renter

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Knock Knock?

With Knock Knock, you don't need to search through thousands of listings. We do the searching for you and match you up with places you'll like best.
How much do you charge?

It's free! Owners and leasing agents pay us a fee for access to top notch renters like you.
Who can see my profile? 

Only our network of owners and leasing agents can see your profile. Your contact information will be hidden until the agent or owner invites you to view the property.
Will I get spam? 

No, owners can only invite you if the property matches your rental profile. Once you sign a lease, you won't get any more invitations.
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