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What Owners and Renters Say

Knock Knock makes it really easy for me to invite the renters I want. I care about my tenants being able to pay the rent on time, if they're nice people, and they have good backgrounds. With Crede, I invited 2 good applicants and got my place leased in a week!
George D, Owner
After a long day of work, I used to come home and spend 3 hours hunting for apartments, and hours putting together applications. When I used Knock Knock, I got 8 invitations from owners who liked my pre-approved profile. I saw one place, and signed a lease on the spot. It was so easy!
Sarah M, Renter

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use Knock Knock?
Knock Knock lets you sit back and relax - no more searching for properties, contacting leasing agents, proving your credit, etc. - we do all of that for you. Use your Knock Knock profile everywhere.
2. How much do you charge?
It's free! Owners and leasing agents pay us a fee for access to top notch renters like you.
4. Who can see my profile? 
Only our network of owners and leasing agents can see your profile. Your contact information will be hidden until the agent or owner invites you to view the property.
3. Will I get spam? 
No, owners can only invite you if the property matches your rental preferences. Once you sign a lease, you won't get any more invitations.
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